A conversation with Prof. Jason Thibodeau – Episode 22

The coronavirus outbreak: How Jesus or Mother Teresa would act vs. how most people do act. Are we obligated to do what is ideal? Should unrealistic ideals be ideals? Ought implies can. Giving lip service to selflessness as an ideal without really believing it: a tension in many people’s view. The moral and the practical. […]

Selfishness and Indian philosophy – Episode 21

Is Indian philosophy anti-selfishness? Aamir’s view of selfishness and Ayn Rand. Indian philosophy/religion versus personal desires and material possessions, and Aamir’s view of this. Buddha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Rama. Parallels to, and differences with, Christianity. The “middle path” vs. asceticism. Aamir’s view of the ego. Jesus and Mother Teresa. Psychological egoism, and a possible […]