Ayn Rand’s New Idea of Selfishness – A talk with Q&A by Dr. Dan Norton

In this 23-minute talk (with powerpoint slides), I present Ayn Rand’s new idea of selfishness. A 65-minute Q&A follows, in which the following questions are addressed: Wasn’t Mother Teresa really selfish? (26:30). Is there a book you recommend for learning more about Ayn Rand’s ideas of selfishness? (34:43). Does the concept “selfishness” only apply in […]

Coronavirus, higher education, lockdowns, and more: a chat with Prof. Bernard Molyneux – Episode 24

The coronavirus, the internet, and the future of higher education: Prof. Molyneux’s experience during the outbreak; will professors be laid off?; effects on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) vs. non-STEM disciplines; what about philosophy? The University of California graduate student strike. Student loan debt and debt forgiveness. (Starting at 0:46:46) The lockdowns: Do they […]

Altruism, egoism, etc.: a discussion with a student – Episode 23

The relation of egoism and altruism, and their meanings. Preachers of altruism. Altruism as a tool of exploitation, in history and religion. Do preachers of altruism themselves believe in altruism? Is there an innate tendency to accept altruism? Greek culture as egoistic and relatively secular; Homer, Aristotle, and Plato. Are the Greek heroes altruistic? Achilles […]

A conversation with Prof. Jason Thibodeau – Episode 22

The coronavirus outbreak: How Jesus or Mother Teresa would act vs. how most people do act. Are we obligated to do what is ideal? Should unrealistic ideals be ideals? Ought implies can. Giving lip service to selflessness as an ideal without really believing it: a tension in many people’s view. The moral and the practical. […]