Ayn Rand’s New Idea of Selfishness – A talk with Q&A by Dr. Dan Norton

In this 23-minute talk (with powerpoint slides), I present Ayn Rand’s new idea of selfishness. A 65-minute Q&A follows, in which the following questions are addressed:

Wasn’t Mother Teresa really selfish? (26:30). Is there a book you recommend for learning more about Ayn Rand’s ideas of selfishness? (34:43). Does the concept “selfishness” only apply in a social context? (36:20). How does selfishness translate to politics? (41:49). What should one do in a lifeboat scenario? (46:54). Is there a necessary way to happiness? (56:25). Should one accept government handouts? (1:01:22). What is the Objectivist concept of pride? (1:07:14). How does Ayn Rand’s selfish approach apply to family relations? (1:09:40). Is there a role for government other than protecting people from violence? (1:20:07). What do you think of John Rawls’ theory of justice? (1:23:57).

This talk was hosted on May 30, 2020 by the Singapore-based group The Philosophy of Life: https://www.facebook.com/philosophylife/.

( 1 hr 31 min. )

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