Jeff Bezos, Amazon, and selfishness – Episode 31

Who is the most selfish person you can think of? Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Should Bezos give money away, and, if so, how much? Is it just a matter of personal preference as to how much money (if any) one should give away? Being a selfish person without being a bad person. Is selfishness sometimes bad and sometimes not? How should “selfish” be defined? Passive harm. Employee benefits. ( 27 min. )

What is the self? – Episode 29

What is the self? The self as the mind. Does the self include the body? The self as the intellect (vs. as the emotions) since it is the part of the mind directly under one’s volitional control. What does “self” mean in the context of the idea that it’s good to be “selfish”? The process of getting the idea of a “self.” Are things in one’s environment part of one’s “self”? Three senses of “self.” Personal identity: What makes someone the same person across time? Using focus to get distance from bodily pain. Emotions as always present. The will/volition and the intellect/reason. Ayn Rand’s vs. Eastern conceptions of “self.” Losing your self in your work (or other activities). ( 1 hr 36 min. )

Sharing food on a lifeboat, helping the homeless, etc. – Episode 28

Selfishness in Iran and the United States. Are you selfish if you do something good for yourself? Is eating breakfast selfish? Sharing food on a lifeboat—with a murderer. Is selfishness sometimes good? If so, when? Helping the homeless—how much? Are good and bad subjective? ( 1 hr 17 min. )

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